Pittsburgh Steelers sign Mike Hilton to 1-year contract


The Pittsburgh Steelers have extended cornerback, Mike Hilton’s contract through 2018.

One of the biggest breakout stories of 2017 will continue into next season. Coming off the practice squad, no one knew who Mike Hilton was. All anybody saw was an undersized corner who doesn’t look like he could tackle a bag of leafs.

Well, now we’re here. The end of the season, the Steelers are out of the playoffs, and Mike Hilton is known as one of the best things Pittsburgh had all year. For a man who no one believed in coming into 2017, Hilton has become one of the most impactful players in the AFC.

Hilton’s hard work didn’t go unnoticed this season. Not even a week after the Steelers’ season ended, the team handed the corner a one-year deal through 2018-2019, along with signing four other players.

Hilton will be part of a four corner set next year. Artie Burns, Joe Haden, Cameron Sutton and now Hilton will be the go-to guys in the secondary. With William Gay’s future uncertain, Hilton will likely continue getting a bulk of the reps as Sutton develops into the role.

Pittsburgh’s defense is on the verge of becoming a top tier unit once again. Add a few piece in the offseason and develop guys like Hilton and Sutton, and this group of players should be able to handle anyone in the league.

The offseason is just begun, but Pittsburgh is already making plenty of moves. Trying to keep players they believe are the future of this team is key to continuing success in 2018.

The Steelers’ season didn’t go as planned, but with so many players growing as part of this team, the future is bright. Hilton, along with plenty of new players, will have a significant impact on Pittsburgh next season.

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With no set backs in the offseason, everyone should expect Hilton to be one of the team’s top secondary players in 2018.