Pittsburgh Steelers sign three offensive players to future/reserve contracts

TUCSON, AZ - SEPTEMBER 10: Wide receiver Trey Griffey
TUCSON, AZ - SEPTEMBER 10: Wide receiver Trey Griffey /

The Pittsburgh Steelers have signed a trio of offensive players to future/reserve contracts.

The offseason is on it’s way for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and already, they’re making moves to their 90-man roster. Signing three offensive players to future/reserve contracts, the team is looking to boost their roster months before the team rejoins to begin evaluating and sculpting their final team for 2018.

Running back, James Summers, and wide receivers, Trey Griffey and Tevin Jones were the newest signings for Pittsburgh. Griffey, the son of Major League Baseball Hall of Famer, Ken Griffey Jr., will look to continue his families’ pro-sports legacy by making a NFL team in Pittsburgh.

Outside of Griffey’s father, not much is to be said about the three newest contract recipients. While most future/reserve contracts don’t mean much in the NFL, the Steelers will be interested in their no-name players heading into the summer.

Mike Hilton has changed the game for these players, going from a future/reserve contract to a defensive starter last season. Now, the bar is higher and players and the team believe anyone can turn their career into something special.

These three will prepare all spring for their chance to show their skills come summer. Pittsburgh isn’t going to overlook anyone with their history of finding gems off the practice squad.

Instead of these articles being irrelevant once workouts and cuts actually begin, the Steelers have used players like this to shape their roster. Fans can remember these names, as you never know what surprise roster move the team will make heading into the next season.

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If any of these three will make the team next season won’t be known for awhile, but it’ll be interesting to see how 2018’s future/reserve players battle to become the next player to break the barrier as Pittsburgh’s breakout no-namer.