Happy Monday, Pittsburgh Steelers fans


Super Bowl LII is over and thank the football gods, but the New England Patriots didn’t win. What a great day to be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

Watching the dirty birds of northern PA take home a Lombardi Trophy wasn’t how Pittsburgh wanted to spend their Super Bowl Sunday. Up until a month ago, the Steelers were headed towards their seventh ring, only to end up on the couch watching one of the worst Super Bowls they could imagine.

The only way this game would’ve been worse is if somehow they decided to make the game a three-team battle and added the Ravens. But even then, it’s hard to imagine it being any more difficult than last night was.

It’s over, though, and honestly, it went way better than we all thought. For those who actually, and I mean actually, believed Philly had a chance before the game started; good for you. For those who spent last Super Bowl with your head on a table trying not to lose it on anyone who says your name, Super Bowl LII was a blessing.

No one wanted the Eagles to win. Yes, it’s better than New England, but now we have to hear about it for the next 10 years. That’s if the city is still standing, which someone should probably check on.

But c’mon, the Twitter videos last night were embarrassing. People were flipping cars, lighting off fireworks and somewhere there’s a video of a guy eating actual feces These aren’t people the NFL wants running around with bragging rights for the next 365 days.

It’s still better than the Patriots. No matter how bad Eagles fans are, watching Tom Brady sit on the turf after that final incompletion is what dreams are made of. Which is why Monday morning, the day after Super Bowl LII, feels good to be a Steelers fan.

Because even if we have to avoid social media for a week, putting ESPN on and seeing the final score time and time again puts a smile on your face, every time.

Enjoy it, Steelers’ fans. It’s been a heartbreaking time since 2018 started. But it’s all over. The Patriots lost, the offseason has begun, and for the next seven months we can take the little pleasure New England losing brings us to keep us from going insane until August.

It’s not how we imagined it, but it’s football, most times it doesn’t go as planned. It’s over, though, and the Patriots lost. There’s no parade in the Steel City, but as a second choice, we’d all take the feeling of Brady and Belicheck walking home without a trophy any day.

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