Pittsburgh Steelers: Ryan Shazier clarifies walking rumors

PITTSBURGH, PA - JANUARY 08: Ryan Shazier /

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker, Ryan Shazier, send clarity to rumors that he has a “regular walking routine”

Early in Super Bowl weekend, rumors began to circulate about Ryan Shazier starting to walk. After Twitter started to claim that Shazier was following a “regular walking routine,” the linebacker and NBC Sports’ Michele Tafoya set the record straight on the situation.

In a tweet, Tafoya reset the claim, stating she has spoken to a source close to Shazier who wanted to clarify the situation. According to the source, Shazier is not yet walking on his own, but is using assistance from people or a walker.

Although he does has movement in his legs and can feel his lower-body once again, he’s still on the road to recovery when it comes to standing and walking on his own once again.

Shazier confirmed Tafoya’s tweet during the Super Bowl, clearing up any rumors still floating around.

This isn’t the news Steelers fans, or NFL fans in general, wanted to hear, but it’s certainly a start. Shazier has a long road to recovery after suffering a spinal injury against the Cincinnati Bengals on Dec. 4. Then, Shazier went through spinal stabilization surgery on Dec. 6. Finally, he was released from the hospital on Feb. 1.

The road back to a normal life is long for Shazier, but hopeful. Although the linebacker wants to see the field again, it could be a long shot for him to play football after this. For anyone paying attention to the situation, the concern isn’t on No. 50 playing for the Steelers again, but living a normal life with his child.

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Prayers continue to be sent to Shazier and his family from across the NFL. Members of the Steelers continue to show support with visits and custom clothing during games. As their linebacker continues to work towards recovery, this team remains with him every step of the way.