Why the Pittsburgh Steelers are still a favorite to win three out of the next five Super Bowls


There’s no denying the Pittsburgh Steelers are one of the NFL’s most dangerous teams for years to come.

If were going to talk about the Steelers making it to the next three of five super bowls, that conversation can’t start without looking in to the 4 name’s that come up when u mention the Killer B’s.

Le’Veon Bell is a free agent as of the end of the 2017 season. If he does not get signed there could be a big hole in the running game to fill. Which will take us to the next member, Chris Boswell, who has a contract that just came to an end as well. His 85-95 field goals made in his three-year Pittsburgh career makes you think they may want to try to keep him here in town, where his name has now become a house hold name among Steeler’s fans.

Ben and Brown are both are locked up till at least the 2020 season, providing all the retirement talk from Ben is just that talk. Antonio Brown coming back from injury and having a great game despite losing for what some may say a really good Jaguars team.

That’s the thing’s he bring’s to the table game in and game out seeing him in any other uniform outside of the black and gold is something no Pittsburgh fan want’s to see. If they can get them all back for a few more years together along side a growing and stepping up Martavis Bryant made that offense so dangerous.

They made some moves with the signing of players like Joe Haden, who gives them that lockdown defender to help fix that falling apart but mostly young Pittsburgh defense. Most quarterbacks are gonna try to stay away from his side of the field which means there star receiver won’t get as many passes thrown his way.

The Steeler’s front seven has always been their strong point and their defensive backfield lacking year after year.

We can not talk about new signings without talking about Vance McDonald. He did not give them much his first year in the Steel City, but with his size and down the field abilities you can bet he will become a big part of the offense in 2018. McDonald does come with a slight downside, as he has had some injuries during his short career.

The Steelers were in the top five in four of the major categories this year, total offense (YPG), total defense (YPG), passing offense (YPG), passing defense (YPG).Surprisingly enough, even with a running back like Bell they was not in the top five in any rushing category this year. So, when u put all that together if they can keep all there key players after this year you could see, the Steelers in the next three out of five Super Bowls is not a far reach.

Let’s see how the offensive coordinator change from Todd Haley to Randy Fichtner changes the dynamic of the offense. They could see more big plays down the field be the quarterback coach he has worked a lot with Big Ben, or more sticking to the run late in games since he knows he is working with an aging quarterback.

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Looking at his 14-year career and the age of 35, he has taken some bumps and bruises that don’t hinder your play as much at 21, but years later take longer to heal. So, don’t count them out just yet look for them to get more rings in the next five years, for sure.