The many reasons the Pittsburgh Steelers shouldn’t resign Le’Veon Bell

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The team may be better off without Bell.

Bell’s recent antics have really made me question his dedication both to football, and to his team. His decision to hold out this year obviously had a negative impact at the beginning of the season. It took Bell several weeks after returning to get back to playing his best.

Threatening retirement days before a huge playoff game is also concerning. It created a distraction for the team, and suggested that Bell is more concerned about his money than team success.

Perhaps the most troubling was his missing all but five minutes of the teams walkthrough. Bell still started the playoff game, because of his importance to the team, but many coaches would have benched him. This not only raises questions about how much he cares, but also suggests downright arrogance. His suspensions are also a problem. These suspensions suggest that he’s immature, and not entirely dedicated to football.

After repeated offenses Bell has shown that he is more than willing to put himself before the team. The Steelers had a very disappointing season, and fans have been quick to blame Coach Mike Tomlin for lack of discipline. The bigger problem might be that the team has a culture issue because of the players. Letting go of a player who has consistently failed to prove himself a team player could go a long way in improving the culture of the team.

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There is no doubt that talent wise Bell is a fantastic player, and one who is fun to watch. The problem is that it seems unwise to waste valuable cap room on a running back who has struggled to play entire seasons in a year when there are plenty of other options. While I think the team will resign him I believe that it would be better for the future of the team, and the culture to let him walk.