Pittsburgh Steelers: There’s a reason the Super Bowl isn’t guaranteed

PITTSBURGH - FEBRUARY 03: James Harrison
PITTSBURGH - FEBRUARY 03: James Harrison /

There’s a reason the Pittsburgh Steelers still hold the standard for most Super Bowls with six.

Every season, Pittsburgh is flooded with fans ranting about how “perfect” the Steelers are. From February to August, this fanbase holds a standard every team strives for, but most don’t execute.

Winning a Super Bowl is the goal for everyone. No one comes into a season hoping to go 8-8 unless you’re Cleveland.

Pittsburgh is no different. You compare rosters in the league and the Steelers are arguably the best. Outside of inside linebacker and maybe their secondary, this team’s biggest flaw is their inability to find a second tight end.

That should be all you need to know about setting their standard. With the amount of talent on this team, every season is Super Bowl or bust.

There’s a reason this team doesn’t have 10 rings, though. The highest of the high is six, and it’s for a reason. The NFL isn’t the NBA, and creating a franchise is nearly impossible even with a roster as loaded as Pittsburgh’s.

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This is why Pittsburgh doesn’t have seven. Their stairway to Super Bowl seven is long and windy. Getting up it hasn’t taken a season, or two, or three. It’s a process, and a long one.

It’s even harder when you have the New England Patriots. Really, as sad as it is, the only NFL team to be truly be upset about not winning a Super Bowl every season is the Patriots.

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are hands down the greatest duo to ever play/coach. They’ve redefined aged time and time again, and until they’re both on the retirement side of their careers, New England is the only organization who can “guarantee” anything.

Pittsburgh is right there. They’re a few plays away from another shot at a ring and a few players away from a dynasty. But a long way away from hold up the trophy.

This is the NFL. There’s 12 of 32 teams who haven’t even won a Super Bowl, yet. It simply shows that it’s one of the most difficult things to accomplish in the world of sports. And why no one can be upset when it doesn’t happen.

People will always blame the players, the coaches, the owners, everyone, for why their team didn’t pull it off. But truth be told, it’s football, and anything can happen for any reason.

No one is to blame for anything. You lose and you move on. A loss to Jacksonville means nothing but it’s time to start preparing for 2018. Something the Steelers have already done.

Coaches shouldn’t be fired, players shouldn’t be cut and trades shouldn’t be made. This team is perfect and will only get better next season. So, even if 2017 didn’t go as planned, it did. Because winning a Super Bowl is the farthest thing from guaranteed.

It’s football, you lose and move on. Pittsburgh lost, again. Now, just like every season, it’s time to move on.

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2018 looks bright. Very bright. A ring is the expectation, but if any city knows how hard it is to meet that expectation, it’s Pittsburgh. Remember that.