Pittsburgh Steelers could very well wait until after the draft to decide on Bell


Le’Veon Bell is likely going to be tagged, again, and the decision on his future may not be decided until after the 2018 NFL Draft.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are likely to use their second-straight franchise tag on Le’Veon Bell, as they should. Not to keep him around for another season, but to decide on his future with the team. Whether that be a long-term deal or a new home.

Bell is asking for a lot of money, and Pittsburgh seems to willing to give it to him. But the Steelers haven’t made a major move, yet, which means right now, they still can’t afford him. On top of a stacked NFL Draft and more than one need this offseason, the Steelers may be riding this one out until May.

There are too many names to take none into consideration. Pittsburgh is looking into a veteran at middle linebacker. This takes a lot of pressure off the NFL Draft but creates enough options to have options.

After they sign a linebacker, their two remaining needs are running back and safety. With Mike Mitchell on his way out of Pittsburgh, or at least that’s what everyone seems to assume, Pittsburgh needs to find a replacement.

The NFL Draft has superstar safeties. It’s not going to be difficult to find the next starting free safety in black and gold. But where in the draft they’ll find one will weigh heavily on the decision of Le’Veon Bell.

If someone like Minkah Fitzpatrick is sitting around at No. 28, Pittsburgh has solved their safety void. The Alabama product is a proven playmaker and one of the most dangerous players in the draft. Given the chance, the Steelers wouldn’t think twice about grabbing the safety and moving on from Mike Mitchell.

But if no one worthy of No. 28 is around at No. 28, Pittsburgh has another option they could very likely pursue. Depending on which, if any of the three first-round projected running is still around when the Steelers are on the clock, they could move on from their star back.

Derrius Guice or Sony Michaels could very well be around at the end of the first round. If Pittsburgh is keeping their options open, using their first pick on a running back and looking to move Bell could bring this team more than they expected to have heading into the offseason.

Bell is worthy as much as any player in this league. Maybe they’ll get two first rounders, maybe they’ll get a few players, or maybe they’ll get both. Either way, with a rookie playmaker in the backfield and a few additions to the roster, picks or players, Pittsburgh just came out of the offseason with everything they needed and some.

It’s not certain to happen, but moving on from No. 26 isn’t too far fetched for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steel City loves Bell and Bell seems to love the Steelers, but the more he continues to make negotiations harder, the less likely his chances of getting a deal become.

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Pittsburgh isn’t going to let him miss a year. So, if they don’t believe anything is happening come draft time, they could decide to make a change and send Bell somewhere else in search for a long-term contract.