Still Curtain Podcast Ep. 1 (Jon Bostic signing & the Steelers early round options in the 2018 NFL Draft)

STILLWATER, OK - OCTOBER 1 : Quarterback Mason Rudolph
STILLWATER, OK - OCTOBER 1 : Quarterback Mason Rudolph /

The Pittsburgh Steelers jump into free agency and it changes their entire approach for the 2018 NFL Draft. The Still Curtain Podcast breaks down how this offseason is going and what fans should expect on April 26.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers finally dove into free agency and now look to finish their defense in the 2018 NFL Draft. But is Jon Bostic the answer at middle linebacker? With no coverage man present, can the Steelers still be thinking about drafting a middle linebacker in the opening round?

With a major need at safety, but no guarantee one will be around at No. 28, the Steelers need to explore other options for their first-round pick. Maybe someone that won’t play in 2018 is the answer to their dilemma, though.

Le’Veon Bell still doesn’t have a deal done and people are getting anxious. Both parties need to figure this out before last summer repeats itself. When this will all get solved, and how impacts the rest of the offseason, is up for major debate.

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And Jordan Berry almost got set back to Australia. The punter just signed a 1-year deal with a slight pay cut, but under his circumstances, having a contract was much more important than a few hundred thousand dollars.