Le’Veon Bell is playing a dangerous game with the Pittsburgh Steelers


No one is painting Le’Veon Bell as a villian, expect himself. All the Pittsburgh Steelers are doing is trying not to pay him money he doesn’t deserve.

Le’Veon Bell will redefine the running back market. He deserves to. What he does for the Pittsburgh Steelers has never been done before in the history of the NFL. As a runner, pass catcher and x-factor on every play, Bell should be handed more money than any running back has gotten before.

That number should not be $17 million, though. Adding $5 million to the running back market is excessive, and frankly, is too much to demand from any team. But, Bell is pushing for it, and watching from the outside, a contract hasn’t gotten done because he’s persistent in his wants.

So, instead of staying off the radar, something he should be doing, Bell decided to take to social media to express his displeasure. This time, he wasn’t talking about the team and how he wants money. Instead, he voiced his concerns on how the city of Pittsburgh believes he’s a “villain.”

This is becoming an issue. There are a few teams in the NFL that don’t tolerate behavior like this, and the Steelers are one of them. If they don’t believe you’re around for anything besides money, they’ll find someone else to play your position.

The deciding factor in this scenario could be how far LSU running back, Derrius Guice, falls in the draft. Guice, by no means, meets the impact of Bell on a football field. No running back in football does more for a team than Bell continues to do for Pittsburgh.

There comes a time, though, when the team needs to make a decision – give Le’Veon Bell his absurd amount of money or move on from the moaning of a running back asking for too much.

Unfortunately, for Bell, Pittsburgh has begun thinking about it. With contract negotiations on hold and the NFL Draft less then a month away, the Steelers are breaking down every option on how to handle this situation.

If Bell continue to voice his opinion to the public, he’ll continue to push the levy  towards a new running back. He may think this is working in his favor, but his stubbornness is getting him no where with this organization. The more he complains about not getting his money, the less of a chance he isn’t going to get it. Not from the Steelers at least.

At this point it wouldn’t be surprising to see Bell in a different uniform by the start of next season. Tension between the running back and the team seem to be getting higher, and Pittsburgh doesn’t play lightly with those who bring controversy.

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Yes, a Super Bowl run is in arms reach for this team. But when it comes to the Steelers, they’ll find a way to make up for a complaining player. Meaning Bell is getting no closer to his money, the more he lets everyone know he isn’t getting closer to his money.