Pittsburgh Steelers: Don’t expect Terrell Edmunds to move positions


It’s not common you see a first-round draft pick change positions. It’s more uncommon when the team that drafted them is the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Terrell Edmunds is coming to a team that now has five safeties worthy of playing time. Morgan Burnett and Sean Davis are the likely starters of the crew, with J.J. Wilcox being the veteran backup. Then, there’s Edmunds and Marcus Allen – the rookies looking to get their action in year one.

The only player Pittsburgh may cut out of this group is Wilcox. With Allen and Edmunds on the team, there isn’t much of a need for a backup safety of his caliber. Plus, the team is looking to bring Eli Rogers back and cutting Wilcox would free up the money to do so.

That leaves a possible four that all want to play. It also leaves a scenario that could provide reps for every player, and fill a void the Steelers didn’t fill during the draft.

Edmunds isn’t the fastest guy at the position, but he could cover well and put on some of the biggest hits on the field. Without Ryan Shazier or a coverage inside linebacker, Pittsburgh needs someone who can take on the role of coverage man. Edmunds’ size and athleticism make him the best option for the position.

The former Hokie can certainly play linebacker. At 6’1, 217 lbs, Edmunds won’t need to adjust much to change positions in the NFL. By adding a few pounds and working on his tackling ability, he’d fit well alongside Vince Williams and Jon Bostic.

But this is Pittsburgh. A city full of champions and the ability to sculpt players into stars, at the position they come in.

Edmunds can certainly be a stud at inside linebacker, but he can also be just as good at safety. Pittsburgh didn’t draft him to move him, especially with the amount of inside linebacker talent that was still on the board. If this team wanted a backer, they would’ve taken one. But they didn’t, and there’s a reason for that.

How the four of these players is going to work is a guessing game. Hopefully, they all get reps in their first season together. Moving one of them to a different position isn’t a Pittsburgh move, though. This team can make this work, just like they do all the time.

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How? No one has any idea. But don’t expect one of them to move to linebacker, and don’t expect one of them not to get reps. Somehow, Pittsburgh’s going to turn this into success. We all know it.