Still Curtain Podcast Ep. 7 (The NFL Draft didn’t answer the questions of Le’Veon Bell)


The Pittsburgh Steelers didn’t draft their next franchise running back in 2018 NFL Draft, but that doesn’t mean anything past the 2019 season.

John and Noah are on two opposite sides of the argument when it comes to the future of Le’Veon Bell. While they can both agree the running back will be around in 2019, years beyond give off two different outlooks.

A stingy attitude and stopped negotiations may mean trouble for the running back. But as one host explains, the fact that Pittsburgh didn’t draft anyone to replace him means they may not have found their next guy after all.

Pittsburgh loves to win and Bell certainly helps that cause. But his social media presence could be the worst thing to happen to him.

The 2018 NFL Draft is finally over and the Pittsburgh Steelers came out winners. Terrell Edmunds is the talk of the town, but not for his ability to play safety. Instead, people are wondering whether or not the 28th pick is going to fill two voids at once in his rookie season.

The pair of Oklahoma State stars are headed to Pittsburgh, and everyone is thrilled to see some fresh talent. Martavis Bryant may be gone, but James Washington isn’t a bad replacement, and Mason Rudolph was the biggest steal of the draft. At least some think so. Find out what the expectations are for both former Cowboys.

Overall, the team didn’t disappoint in the draft. People may be questioning a move or two, but year in and year out, Mike Tomlin and Kevin Colbert prove they know what they’re doing in the NFL Draft. So, until they show differently, any move they make appears to be a good one.

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