Pittsburgh Steelers find three players in the NFL Top 100


It took a little while, but the stars of the Pittsburgh Steelers finally found their place in the NFL’s Top 100 list.

Starting with Cameron Heyward at No. 48, Pittsburgh got on the board in the top 50 as quick as anyone. The stars on this roster weren’t staying out of the top 100 for long. With the talent and success they brought last season, these players weren’t looking for spots outside the top 50 rankings.

So, they waited around as player after player heard their name called. Then, as the top 50 struck, Heyward got his call. The 48th best player in the league? Hard to tell exactly where he ranks, but assuming he’s in the top half of the top 100, it seems like a decent place to put him.

After Heyward came Ryan Shazier. Ranking 47th and bringing Pittsburgh back to back players, Shazier earned every bit of his placement.

Not being ranked last season, Shazier had something to prove as a Pro Bowler. Even if a devastating injury removed him from football for the time being, Shazier’s season was something special.

The linebacker is becoming a hero to everyone in the sports world. As prayers continue to surround him, Shazier is battling to get back on the field and resume his quickly rising career.

Next, came David DeCastro at No. 44. The Steelers’ guard is already known as one of the best offensive linemen in football. Only six years in the league, DeCastro has already secured his place as one of the NFL’s best, and continues to prove that with Pro Bowl selection after Pro Bowl selection.

We still have 40 more players to wait on, and it’s certain this won’t be the last of the Steelers earning a place on the list. Expect guys like Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger to make their way to the list.

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With the team Pittsburgh has, it wouldn’t even be surprising if some other players snuck into the top 100.