Still Curtain Podcast Ep. 9 (Le’Veon Bell is going to get paid one way or another)

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 15: Running back Le'Veon Bell
KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 15: Running back Le'Veon Bell /

It’s take a long time, but the set of the Still Curtain Podcast may have finally decided that Le’Veon Bell can actually, or would actually have his money, if he didn’t keep talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Noah and John have been on different terms for two years regarding the Le’Veon Bell situation. One says give the running back his money. The other says stop talking and you’ll already have it.

For the first time, though, these two have decided exactly how Bell can pull off his long-term deal. While it could take a lot from both sides, it’d be pretty simple for the Pittsburgh Steelers to decide to hand Le’Veon Bell what he wants.

It would also end Bell’s constant attacking of anyone who doesn’t want him. But the running back knows he’s valuable, and whether it’s in Pittsburgh or somewhere else, Bell will get paid next offseason.

The White House and President Trump are at it again. This time, it isn’t regarding the national anthem, but the Philadelphia Eagles not wanting to go to the White House. The President says the team let their fans down, but does anyone from Philly really upset that the team isn’t attending?

And the offseason is moving quick. Pittsburgh’s training camp schedule is released, and OTAs is just about over. But what have we learned so far? John and Noah take a look at which players stood out to them, and who they believe is looking at a breakout season.

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