Still Curtain Podcast Ep. 10 (We’re the problem, not AB & why 14.5 is so important)

PITTSBURGH, PA - DECEMBER 10: Antonio Brown /

If $14.5 million is the magic number in signing Le’Veon Bell the Pittsburgh Steelers should pull the trigger. And I don’t care what Antonio Brown is saying, we’re the one’s who pushed him here.

The Still Curtain Podcast came in to the week believing they entered the dark ages of the offseason. No signings, no news, no training camp, just OTAs, some simple interviews and recapping the offseason at the top of the chalk board.

Well, did that ever change. By Wednesday night, we had a handful of action. From Antonio Brown speaking his mind about the media and his time away from the team, to Le’Veon Bell reportedly asking for a fair amount of money in his contract, this week turned into one of the biggest headlines of the summer.

Which is fine with us. The more Steelers news that hit’s the front page, the more the Still Curtain Podcast gets to bring to you. And this week, we break down why WE are the problem, NOT Antonio Brown, and why Le’Veon Bell should already be a Steeler.

Brown also made the news when he asked fans on social media to rank him all-time. While John and Noah disagree in the overall rankings, they both have Brown somewhere in the top 10. Not bad for a player who still has plenty of career left in him.

And how does the rest of the offseason signings effect Bell? He’s asking for a lot of money, but so are others. People are going to sit out this summer, not just Bell. But whichever team pulls the trigger first will set a president for the rest of the offseason signings. So, right now, it’s a stalemate between the teams, the players, and the numbers.

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