Steelers: Drama follows Brown, Bell out of Pittsburgh

We found the source of drama. Brown and Bell have left the Steelers. Pittsburgh has been quiet all offseason and the drama continues with Brown and Bell.

The narrative for the Pittsburgh Steelers this offseason has been that they’re a team of drama. There have been many theories as to the source of the drama. Some theories blame Roethlisberger’s radio show. Others have blamed Tomlin and all the way up to the Rooneys. It was, of course, a little bit of everyone but with how things have gone since Brown and Bell departed we can draw some conclusions about the primary source of drama.

Brown and Bell were the problem. Why draw this out? That’s the conclusion. Here’s why.

What we’ve seen since the offseason began is somewhat of an experiment. The drama-filled team from last year is no more. Through the draft and free agency, no NFL team is the same as last year. So, we’ve manipulated some variables in this accidental experiment: the location of Brown and Bell.

What can we learn from this?

Well, have you noticed any drama in Pittsburgh lately? Because there really hasn’t been any. Brown and Bell left, and now there’s no drama in Pittsburgh. Ben’s still there. Tomlin’s still there. But there’s no drama.

But wait, maybe Jesse James and Marcus Gilbert were the sources of the drama. Except, we’ve not heard any drama from them since leaving Pittsburgh.

Can we say the same for Bell and Brown? Nope.

If we look at Bell, he’s still talking about the Steelers (who are not talking about him) in his rap album, a rap album which at least one critic gave a trashcan emoji. That critic: Keenan Allen. Yes, Keenan Allen and Le’Veon Bell have been in a twitter beef over Allen’s response to Bell’s question regarding whether his rapping was fire emoji or trashcan emoji.

Where can you find a rundown of this drama? Well right over at TMZ. That’s right. Le’Veon Bell doesn’t belong on ESPN anymore, he’s over at TMZ. If that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about Bell’s capacity for silly drama then you must either be directly related to Bell or have bad taste in rap music.

And what about Brown? The man with the golden … moustache. Well, he’s picking fights with former Steelers teammates. Brown posted a soon-to-be ironic tweet where he said, “Keep your emotions off the internet” Someone trolling Brown pointed out JuJu Smith-Schuster was the team MVP last year. Brown took the high road and handled it with class. Like, every other pro athlete who is constantly being trolled, Brown ignored it. He kept his emotion off the internet.

I’m kidding, he had an emotional, childish reaction where he threw Smith-Schuster under the bus because he fumbled last year. Smith-Schuster, to his credit, quoted Mark Twain: “Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

So what are we to conclude?

A team full of drama. 2 players leave. The drama stops with the team, the drama continues with the 2 departed players. The conclusion is obvious.

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The longer this offseason goes, and the more Brown and Bell make fools of themselves, the more the Steelers start to feel like winners. Good riddance. Their talent is undeniable, but the goal of this game is not stats, the goal is to win a Super Bowl. This isn’t fantasy football. And no matter what stats you put up, you’ll never win a Super Bowl with teammates that act like Bell and Brown have been acting this offseason.