ESPN gives Steelers B+ draft grade

The Pittsburgh Steelers did everything they needed to do in the 2019 NFL Draft and ESPN rewarded them with a B+ grade.

It was a draft to remember for the Steelers. Starting with a trade that handed them Devin Bush after moving up ten spots and finished with signing ten undrafted free agents and a potential steal at safety.

So, for their efforts, ESPN handed them a passing grade for nine draft picks. With some major holes to fill, a few small gaps they needed to put into place in the depth chart and extra selections to just add more talent, this team utilized every round of this year’s draft.

They started strong with Devin Bush, a linebacker everyone wanted them to trade for. The inside backer can play both coverage and run and should be an immediate starter. Alongside Mark Barron and Vince Williams, the Steelers added the exact player they needed to to fill the biggest void in the defense.

They followed up the rest of the draft doing the same thing. From Justin Layne to Sutton Smith, there were tons of talent to pick from and the Steelers nailed it in every round. Now, they simply need to make sure all the new role players can transition into the NFL.

This year’s draft class should help the offense, defense and special teams. Pittsburgh approached the draft looking to add talent at all three aspects of the team and did so with each round. If everything works out from here, the Steelers will be a new team in 2019.

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It was a great year for the Steelers. Free agency was great, the NFL Draft was great, and now, they’re more motivated than ever before. Antonio Brown may have lit the flame in January, but there’s enough gas and talent around it now that they should be able to make something special happen.

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