Mike Tomlin says Steelers roster moves were a cleanse

The Steelers removed a lot of noise this offseason after dealing with more headlines than they ever expected. And Mike Tomlin was a fan of the decisions.

Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell were as loud as it comes in the NFL. It started last offseason with Le’Veon Bell continuing to throw jabs at his former team while sitting out the 2018 season. Not getting paid turned out well for the Steelers but maybe not for the running back – who eventually took less money to sign with the New York Jets.

Then,  there was Antonio Brown, the man who may have caused more drama than any football player in the history of the NFL. No one has ever made more comments and less sense than AB. Turning former teammates and current analysts on his side, but eventually removing himself from sanity and forcing everyone to decide whether or not they wanted to continue following him on Twitter.

Coach Mike Tomlin saw it the same way. Brown and Bell may be fantastic talents on the field, but when you cause that much drama in the locker room you’re not worth keeping around. In the NFL, loud players don’t win Super Bowls and the New England Patriots prove that time and time again.

While everyone was thinking it, Tomlin was saying it, calling the removal of Brown and Bell and “cleansing” for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He’s right. The two former stars did nothing but hurt this team towards the end. They don’t have a Super Bowl ring to argue they were the best thing for this team and if Pittsburgh comes out with a few playoff wins in 2019 they’ll prove they don’t need them to stay competitive.

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Lets hope these two have a successful career, but not as successful as the Steelers future without all the headlines.

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