3 traits that make Devin Bush a ‘can’t miss’ pick for the Steelers

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The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Devin Bush with the 10th overall pick in 2019. Here are three reasons why Bush is guaranteed to be good.

Recently, some Steelers fans were up in arms about my decision to include rookie linebacker, Devin Bush in a list of the top 30 Steelers drafted or signed since 2000. While I understand their right to be angry at the thought of including a player who has yet to see an NFL snap, please allow me to explain my reasoning.

I am a thorough follower of the NFL Draft. My draft buddies and I spent hours a night, several days a week reviewing well over 100 draft prospects in the months leading up to the draft. Without meaning to sound arrogant, I know my stuff.

Devin Bush was not the typical Steelers pick. Unlike Bud Dupree, Artie Burns, and Jarvis Jones, Bush doesn’t have question marks about his game.

Dupree was fast and explosive, but had bad tape, no pass rush moves, and very little bend. Burns was a 3rd round talent at cornerback. He took the ball away, but had major issues in coverage. Jarvis Jones had outstanding SEC production, but his stats were misleading, and he possessed horrible athleticism.

As my 7th overall player in the 2019 NFL Draft, Devin Bush is a far better prospect than these guys coming out. In fact, Bush is the best prospect the Steelers have drafted since taking David DeCastro back in 2012.

Why am I so confident in a young linebacker’s playing ability when he hasn’t even dressed for an NFL game?

It’s actually pretty simple. There are three traits that make Devin Bush a can’t miss NFL player:

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