Stairway to seven: What must happen for the Steelers to win it all

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There are mixed feelings going into 2019 of how realistic the Steelers’ chances are of making a Super Bowl run. It’s possible, but certain things need to happen.

In February 2009, the Steelers became the first NFL franchise to win six Super Bowls. They held that accolade until earlier this year, when the Patriots defeated the Rams in Super Bowl LIII to win their sixth.

Obviously, this is a painful reality for Steeler Nation. Fans of the Steelers are proud and loyal and having the most success in league history was a wonderful thing to claim. Sadly, the Steelers are no longer alone atop the pecking order.

The Steelers are going through culture changes, and the timing couldn’t be any better. The noisy, drama-filled nonsense had gone on long enough. The largest head cases are no longer in the locker room and certain changes to how the team is structured from the top down suggests things might be a little different in 2019.

While Pittsburgh did get rid of those head cases, in turn, a lot of talent left the team in the process. You can’t replace Antonio Brown’s production and, despite James Conner having a Pro Bowl season, saying goodbye to Le’Veon Bell isn’t the easiest thing in the world either.

And while the Steelers saw talent leave, they also saw the Browns add loads of talent in free agency and the draft, along with Baltimore making solid moves in both as well. The AFC North will be very competitive in 2019. Making the playoffs alone will be no walk in the park.

The Steelers did make some very solid moves themselves. They are arguably a deeper team than they were a year ago, and a more complete team as well. The additions of Mark Barron, Steven Nelson, Donte Moncrief, and first-round pick Devin Bush could have major impacts on this team.

There are a few unknowns, but if certain things come to fruition, this team is very capable of seriously contending for a Super Bowl in 2019.

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