What Diontae Johnson’s injury means for the Steelers

Diontae Johnson suffered a groin injury during Sunday night’s practice. Here’s what it could mean to the Steelers moving forward.

Diontae Johnson has had a promising start to his rookie season. Though he has yet to take the field for his first preseason action, fans and the media alike are talking up the Steelers rookie receiver.

Johnson has been one of the standouts in training camp so far, and has gone a long way to impress as a rookie. However, his quick transition to the NFL has hit a bit of a bump in the road. It was reported that Diontae Johnson suffered a groin injury in Sunday night’s practice:

The extent of the groin injury he suffered is still unknown, but it is disappointing news nonetheless. Diontae Johnston was off to a much faster start than anyone would have predicted. The 3rd round draft choice has a knack for creating separation, and he showed this early in training camp:

It is unknown how long Johnson could be sidelined for, but second year wide receiver James Washington and newcomer Donte Moncrief stand to have the most to gain from Johnson’s absence.

This could also open the door for players like Tevin Jones, Johnny Holton, and newest Steeler, Brandon Reilly, to receive additional looks on offense.

Diontae Johnson is a lock to make the roster. Perhaps the Steelers will use this opportunity to take a closer look at the players toward the bottom.

Ultimately, Johnson stands to be a big piece of the offense moving forward. We are still unsure whether or not he will suit up for Friday’s first preseason game against the Buccaneers, but we are hoping for a hasty recovery.