Terrell Edmunds isn’t contributing like other 1st rounders on Steelers defense

The Pittsburgh Steelers defense is on the rise as of late. Here’s why former first-round pick, Terrell Edmunds needs to step up his game.

After a dismal defensive start to the season in which the Steelers gave up more than 28 points per game over their first three contests, things have since turned around drastically. Pittsburgh’s defense looks like a completely different unit – allowing just 15 points per game over their last three matchups.

Minkah Fitzpatrick is proving to be a welcome addition at free safety, and Devin Bush seems to be progressing at a remarkable rate. Bush has already been credited with 6 takeaways and a defensive touchdown in 6 games this season.

But for all of the contributions we have seen from young players on the Steelers defense, Terrell Edmunds really hasn’t been one of the defenders making waves.

Despite the better judgment of many NFL draft analysts (and myself), Edmunds was the Steelers first-round draft choice in 2018. I had Edmunds slates as a 3rd round prospect prior to coming out, and he was my 81st overall player on my 2018 big board.

So far, the former 1st round pick out of Virginia Tech has been a bit of a disappointment. Though Edmunds hasn’t given up a lot of big plays this season, he has failed to make his presence felt like a first-round pick should.

Terrell Edmunds had was involved in just two plays last year where the Steelers took the ball away. Despite the Steelers ranking 2nd in the NFL in takeaways per game, Edmunds has not been involved in a single turnover play this season.

There is so much more to being a safety than taking the ball away, but just 1 interception and 0 forced fumbles in 21 career starts is a bit underwhelming for a player drafted as high as he was.

Edmunds hasn’t been a bad player for the Steelers this year; he just hasn’t been at the same level as some of the other young guys on the defense.

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We are already starting to see how good Devin Bush and Minkah Fitzpatrick are going to be for this team. If Terrell Edmunds can improve his game and find a way to rise to their level as a playmaker, this could be a scary Pittsburgh defense for years to come.

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