Pittsburgh Steelers Minkah Fitzpatrick is transitioning into an All-Pro safety

Minkah Fitzpatrick has clearly been a game-changer on the defensive side of the ball for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Fitzpatrick came over via a trade with the Miami Dolphins on September 16th.

Since joining the Steelers, Fitzpatrick has had 30 tackles, four interceptions, five passes defended, and a forced fumble. His latest forced turnover was a 96-yard interception return for a touchdown in the Steelers win against the Indianapolis Colts.

When you compare Fitzpatrick’s 2019 stats through 9 games to safeties on the 2018 All-Pro Team, one will find that the Alabama alumni is well on his way to his first All-Pro selection in 2019.

2018 All-Pro SaftiesInterceptionsForced FumblesTotal TacklesPD’s
Eddie Jackson(14 games)625115
Jamal Adams(16 games)1311512
Kevin Byard(16 games)40908
Harrison Smith(16 games)31846
Derwin James(16 games)3010513
2019 Minkah Fitzpatrick(9 games)42426

Minkah Fitzpatrick’s stellar play through 9 games

Minkah Fitzpatrick only has one safety on the 2018 all-pro team with more forced turnovers than him, which would be the Chicago Bears, Eddie Jackson. That is an incredible stat for a player who has only played 9 games thus far into the 2019 NFL season.

Not only has Minkah’s play been at an all-pro level, but his communication skills have been too. Fitzpatrick serving as a primary communicator is one main reason fans have seen an overall upgrade on the defensive side of the ball.

The second half of the season

The Pittsburgh Steelers currently sit at 4-4 entering week 11 of the 2019 NFL season. Minkah Fitzpatrick’s impressive play this season will only continue to build as Pittsburgh looks to tackle the second half of the season. With the Steelers in the hunt for a playoff spot, look for Fitzpatrick’s play to intensify even more.

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Fans should be overjoyed with the fact Fitzpatrick will be a cornerstone piece for Pittsburgh going forward. Let’s hope the Steelers starting safety gets the recognition he deserves at the end of the season.

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