Steelers vs Browns: 3 Key Matchups to watch on Thursday Night Football

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No Ben, no Tuitt, no AB, no Le’Veon, no chance? With a victory over the Rams on Sunday, the Steelers took the 6th seed in the current playoff standings.

Don’t stop believing! Hold onto that feeling!

We will need it for the rest of the way! At 5-4, the Steelers have a chance.

There will be little time to celebrate a big win vs. the Los Angeles Rams as the Steelers hit the road for Thursday Night Football against the talented but troubled Browns.

This time four months ago, experts in the sports media all thought the Browns would be in the position the Ravens are in–controlling the AFC North. My what an effect coaching can have.

The Browns sit at a disappointing 3-6 after a close victory over the Buffalo Bills. Freddie Kitchens has not been what they thought he could be. With all of the abundant talent on this roster, there is no excuse for the Browns.

The Steelers have a different tune. They have been underdogs almost all season, especially after losing Ben.

But as my fellow contributor, Brandon outlined, Tomlin deserves a round of applause for this season so far. Kevin Colbert has given him all of the tools he has needed to keep this team afloat.

It certainly isn’t perfect, but with a defensive playing at an elite level and offense starting to find its footing, Tomlin is showing he is a good coach.

This week, for the Steelers to continue the momentum, they will have to play some tough matchups against the Browns.

With a team as talented as the Browns, the Steelers will have to continue to play at a high level to inch closer to the playoffs. Here are three matchups that could make or break the Steelers in Cleveland…

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