What the Steelers must do to get revenge on the Browns in Week 13

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With the close win against the Bengals on Sunday, the Steelers come back home to take on their division foe. The blood will inevitably be bad as the Steelers look to get revenge while continuing their postseason hopes.

If there was ever a time I hated the Browns… it is now. In the Steelers first matchup, there was a lot to hate from start to finish.

Whether it was headhunting, an intriguing sense of arrogance, or the final seconds to post-game drama, the Browns and Pittsburgh are filled with hate this week. This isn’t healthy hate, either.

Compared to the Steelers-Ravens rivalry, a rival on respect and consistent competition, the Steelers-Browns rivalry doesn’t come close to this. The Browns are the lowest on the AFC North food chain.

Pittsburgh has dominated the current rivalry since the Brown’s return to the NFL in 1999. Suddenly, the Browns got a much-needed injection of talent. They finally had a roster that could compete with any team in the NFL.

One problem… well, a couple… they made a terrible head coaching hire, and they are still the Cleveland Browns.

Regardless, they whipped the Steelers in week 11. Pittsburgh’s offense was bullied, knocked out, and shut down all night.

This go around, the Steelers will host the Browns and be ready for the hard, physical battle ahead. At least, they better be.

The Steelers all around will have to play a better game, no matter who starts at quarterback, carries the ball, or comes on the blitz. If they don’t, the Browns will get a chance to sweep their entire division for the first time in… forever.

Here is what the Steelers must do to defeat the Browns…

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