Steelers winners and losers in Week 13 win vs. Browns

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Redeeming themselves to a 20-13 victory over the Cleveland Browns, here are the Week 13 winners and losers for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It was a hard-fought contest against their division rival, but the Steelers ultimately emerged victorious over the Browns in Pittsburgh. Though Cleveland got the best of them on their own turf the first time around, Devlin Hodges was able to help lead the Steelers to victory.

While the undrafted quarterback certainly deserves a lot of credit for his efforts this week, It was yet another dominant defensive performance that helped the Pittsburgh advance to 7-5 on the season. Here are my winners and losers from the Steelers Week 13 matchup against the Browns:


Devlin Hodges

The performance was nothing extravagant statistically, but the narrative for Steelers QB Devlin Hodges is still going to sing his praises. Ending Sunday’s contest 14 for 21 on 212 yards for a touchdown and a debatable claim of fault for an interception, Hodges stayed within of what’s was asked of him to do enough. After a slow start, he led an offense that was able to convert either a TD or FG on four straight possessions.

Of course, rookie mistakes happened. There were moments where the pocket awareness could’ve been better, and the decision to throw the ball away late in the fourth quarter was not a smart one, but he never put this team in a bad position. However, if there was any doubt before, all was erased as to who should be the starting QB going forward.

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