Steelers vs. Jets: Loss may have sunk the playoff ‘ship’

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The Steeler’s loss to the Jets may have sunk the playoff ‘ship’.  We need a win and a modicum of help to make the playoffs but will that help be enough?

So, let’s get this out the way right off the bat.  With the Steelers playoff hopes on the line, we came out flat, dug ourselves a 10 point hole early, tied it up before halftime, then scored exactly zero points in the second half.  Despite the defense surrendering only 16 points, the offense was inept, thus the Steelers lost a game we had to win.

While the Steelers could still make the playoffs, the game against the Jets was indicative of a team that, despite battling back from a four-loss deficit to start the season and being in a position to possibly solidify a playoff spot, has always lost games to inferior teams.  In this case, the loss to the Jets may have permanently sunk our playoff ‘ship’.

After losing to the Bills the previous week at home in primetime, which has been atypical for us, the Steelers laid an egg, so to speak, against the Jets; however, it was an egg that, quite frankly, we could not afford to lay. The fact that the egg was laid means that we are no longer in control of our playoff destiny.

So now the Steelers find themselves in a similar position to last season where we needed both a win in the season finale and some help to make the playoffs.  That help did not arrive, thus we were on the outside looking in.  I truly hope that history does not repeat itself.

Let’s turn our attention to the offense and see how we fared against the Jets.

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