Why Steelers Mason Rudolph should be given a shot at redemption

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The 2019 season featured a Steelers offense that was stale and unproductive–doing their defense no favors. Among the long list of issues, the quarterback play featured many low moments with a few decent ones.

You know the story. Steelers week 2 against Seattle, Ben grabs at his elbow in pain. That pain turned out to be an injury that would require season-ending surgery. The next man up? Mason Rudolph.

Mason Rudolph stepped in and had a decent performance in the loss to the Seahawks. From that point on, he had a few moments that were solid performances and a few that were painful to watch.

Much of Steelers Nation has written off Rudolph as nothing more than a bust. He’s not seen by the fan base as the quarterback of the future–which is fair to a degree. To a degree, you ask?

Well, let’s be real. There are many, many factors at play for the 2019 Mason Rudolph. To blame him solely for the 2019 Steelers offense’s shortcomings is certainly unfair, but it’s also not an unreasonable reaction; I get it.

While there are many things that Rudolph did leave much to be desired, today I will present the case to give him both the benefit of the doubt and a shot at redemption. I’m not saying a chance to supplant Ben when he returns in 2020–but at least for consideration to be the future starter or at least the #2 QB.

Go ahead and prepare to either agree or disagree, here is why Mason Rudolph should have another shot in Pittsburgh…

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