3 free agent tight ends the Steelers could look to sign

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This past season was a difficult one for Steelers Tight Ends. Starting Tight End, Vance Mcdonald, in particular, had a rough season. With his cap hit being so high, the Steelers should look into a younger, cheaper option.

The Steelers all around have a very talented roster. The defense is full of budding young stars who have All-pro and Pro Bowl potential. Although players such as Juju Smith-Schuster and James Conner had difficult seasons, both have proven they can perform at high levels in the National Football League. Unfortunately, outside of those players the position on the offense that is supposed to be the “Quarterbacks best friend”, can use a serious upgrade.

Granted the harsh play of the tight ends can be attributed to terrible Quarterback play, the position can use an upgrade in talent. Vance Mcdonald’s contract should be coming off the books due to his exorbitant cap hit, and it’s time to invest in a younger, more complete player.

There are many good options available on the free-agent market that General Manager, Kevin Colbert, should take a look at. Some of the names that will likely be associated with the Steelers this offseason are free agent Tight Ends, Eric Ebron, Blake Jarwin, and Ricky Seals-Jones.

All three players are below the age of 28 meaning they still have room for growth, but they are about to enter the prime of their careers. They have all been in situations where there were overshadowed by other teammates. If given the opportunity, each one of them can flourish and become dangerous weapons for their offenses.

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