Dumpster diving for realistic Steelers free agent options

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The dawn of free agency has come, and the Steelers, like the rest of the NFL, are looking for ways to fill the holes on their roster.

With Free Agency set to open up and the Steelers sitting with minimal salary cap space, don’t expect the team to make a lot of splashes this year. That said, the team has a way of sifting through the rubble and finding value in free agents with minimal contracts.

Take 2014 for example; while the team landed big-time free agent safety Mike Mitchell to a 5 year, 25-million-dollar contract, they also signed three key players to veteran minimum contracts. Darrius Heyward-Bey, Brice McCain, and Arthur Moats all landed with the team and became pivotal players. McCain and Moats both found significant roles on the defense, the latter earning a 3 year, 7.5 million dollar contract a year later. Heyward-Bey became a stud on special teams, maintaining that niche role until 2019.

Looking at this year, the Steelers will have to be hoping for some of that same magic from their minimal signings. While some players listed may be had for more than the minimum, none of them should see big-time contracts that recent Steelers free agents have seen. That said, all of these players are realistic targets and have shots at making the roster.

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