Who would be the five Steelers players you would want to be in quarantine with?

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If you were given the chance to pick any five Steelers players to be quarantined with, who would you choose and for what reasons?

A break away from the other brilliant analysis that’s consistently provided from the Still Curtain team, we now come to the most important question of them all. If you had to choose 5 Steelers players to be quarantined with, who would you choose?

Nobody knows the end of this whole isolation, so choose wisely. If it’s by fan-fare, that’s fine, but also what perceived qualities could benefit or harm this group in the long run? Take a moment to think, and read the list below of what we came up with.

QB Ben Roethlisberger

Outside of football, not much, if anything, of QB Ben Roethlisberger, marks him as interesting other than the experiences behind having a 15+ year NFL career. A non-flashy husband to Mrs. Ashley Harlan & father to his 3 children, that posts nearly nothing on social media besides his immediate family, something team-related, and/or charity work.

Nothing to gripe about, and even on his own Twitter bio @_BigBen7 it reads “He does NOT have a personal page!”. Emphasized & exclaimed, it tells us he’s someone who’s bonded with his inner-circle & is inclusive about himself socially, which is great.

Ben has qualities that have reigned the quarterback position in Pittsburgh for the last 16 years and that exist past the field. Dependable to the ones around him & someone who sees just past himself. In a global pandemic that requires quarantine nearly everywhere, people need people like this.

Plus, what other athlete has made a better visual yet than Big Ben to bring awareness to the current situation?

Besides the what-should-be normalities that have already been said, Roethlisberger seems he’s already over-prepared for what future lies ahead. Oh, and him being the highest-paid player on the team, the guarantee of receiving a possible test has to be greater than anyone else’s. So with dependability, awareness, and money instilled into the group, it would be hard to fail, right?

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