Steelers Mock Draft: Pittsburgh adds youth to the trenches

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It looks like the draft will be on time this year and this is a good opportunity to look at who the Steelers should take in the draft.

The Steelers have some potential as a team. They had a great defense in 2019 and their franchise QB is throwing and rehabbing again. The Steelers also quietly had a good free agency period where they picked up some pieces.

Now the Steelers are a good draft from making themselves a Super Bowl contender. In this article, I wanted to do a mock draft of who I think the Steelers should take. Some of these players I have personally interviewed and others I have liked their game film.

It is always hard to predict who the Steelers will take in the draft. Usually, pre-draft visitors give us an idea of who the Steelers are interested in. We don’t have that luxury this year.

I like where this team is going and I think they could really add some good pieces to improve this team. I did my mock draft on just so I could get an idea of who is available where.

The Steelers have six picks and so that gives them plenty of flexibility because of the additions in free agency. They can go a number of ways as far as position.

Below is my mock draft and the reason I took each player where I did. It will also have some of my scouting reflections and reasons why I took them. I had to think about need when deciding which players to draft as well although the Steelers philosophy is a bit more best player available.

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