Ranking Steelers best free agent signings under Colbert

James Farrior (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)
James Farrior (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images) /
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After another free agent period come and gone, its time to reminisce on just how successful the Steelers have been with free agents under Kevin Colbert.

Kevin Colbert and free agency: two things that have had a very interesting relationship in Steelers history. While Colbert has been essential in building three Super Bowl rosters, he has been a GM that prides himself on building through the draft.

While other teams enter free agency with their wallets open and hand out record-breaking contracts to anything that moves, the Steelers tend to find cheap, short-term options that can eventually be replaced by an inhouse talent later on.

That mentality has caused its fair share of misses (especially in recent years), but it has also led to some absolute gem signings. While free agency has been far from an exact science for Colbert and the Steelers, he deserves recognition for some of the key additions he has made. And for those of you in the #firecolbert camp, it will serve as a reminder that the GM for the last twenty years has done more than enough to exonerate him from the free-agent mistakes he has made.

All of that said, below is the absolute best of the best from Colbert: his top six free agents he has ever signed from outside of the organization. The credentials are this player had to have been a UDFA when Colbert signed them, and that player had to be signed while Colbert was the active GM.