Steelers draft superlatives for an intriguing rookie class

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With the NFL switching from speculation to grading, it seems like the right time to doll out the superlatives for the Steelers draft

With the entirety of the Steelers fanbase throwing out their early grades from the 2020 draft, it seemed fit to add in a list of superlatives. Think back to the high school yearbook; who was voted most likely to succeed, class clown, or most likely to be president? Applying this to the NFL level is a fun way to analyze and see how a draft class stacks up on paper.

While I have little issue giving a letter grade, I always find that hard once you get to the later rounds. Maybe a 7th round pick should have gone undrafted, but when the difference in picks is minimal, it’s hard to give them a failing grade. However, utilizing a superlative system allows for a more straightforward view of the pick.

Below will be a few different awards I have given out to the Steeler’s new rookies. Overall, I was pretty happy with how the class worked out and think this group should see some early success. That doesn’t mean it is perfect though, and some picks left me scratching my head.

With all of that in mind, these are the superlatives for the class of 2020. Through the highs and the lows, this group is no stuck with the Steelers for the time being. Will they meet these lofty expectations, or will they fall short? Without any further ado, I introduce to you the class of 2020 (cue graduation song)!