Roster moves Steelers must make to maximize Super Bowl odds

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The Steelers still have a plethora of needs after the draft, and with the Super Bowl window closing, theses needs must be filled

While the Steelers did a good job of adding talent during the 2020 NFL Draft, there are still quite a few holes on the roster that need to be filled. While players like Chase Claypool and Alex Highsmith present good value for the Steelers, leaving S and NT unaddressed until late in the draft is a cause for concern for the Steelers.

While it is expected to have some thin spots on a roster every year, the Steelers are in a rare circumstance. With Ben Roethlisberger entering the final year or two of his hall of fame career, the Steelers need to do everything they can to ensure the best possible roster is put in place for a potential Super Bowl run. Having holes anywhere on the roster inhibits those odds.

With the compensatory formula now set, meaning no other additions will affect the Steelers comp picks next year. While it isn’t like the Steelers to add players this late in the offseason, it is needed this year with the holes that are present on the roster. Filling out the remainder of the depth chart with talented starters and capable depth is vital in giving the team the best chance for success in 2020.

This goes beyond the two needs listed above, as there are options currently available on the market that would be valuable in a Steelers uniform. All of these options should come in cheap and should be likely to serve as key backups or even, in some circumstances, starters. While the Steelers certainly can win without these players, adding them to the roster heightens their chance at going to the Super Bowl.

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