3 players Steelers could have drafted instead of WR Chase Claypool

Chase Claypool (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Chase Claypool (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /
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A hypothetical scenario considering the immense amount of talent that still remained, what are some other names the Steelers could have gone with at 49?

The projection is everywhere, and to stir up any sort of controversy seems way too premature; however, he was everything the Steelers hoped. GM Kevin Colbert describes their second-round pick, WR Chase Claypool of Norte Dame, that “In case of a wide receiver, we were excited that that player was available to us in particular” in a post-day-two teleconference with the media.

Enamored by the intangibles, considering Claypool is 6’4, 238 pounds, and ran an official 4.42 forty along with a 40.5 vertical that all appear on film as well, Colbert said it best, “Again, when a player like that is available, it was easy.”

Although Claypool can boast this demi-like structure and a senior season that displayed his best with 1000+ yard & 10+ touchdown year, some believe the Steelers could’ve still been in play picks later. Realistically, that’s their guy, and as fans, we put our trust into organizations, especially Pittsburgh, who has an excellent track record in drafting receivers, but what if the Steelers went in a different direction with pick 49?