Steelers schedule: 3 trap games Pittsburgh should be aware of in 2020

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The Steelers schedule came out last week, and there are some questionable matchups. Here are three possible ‘trap’ games for Pittsburgh in 2020.

From the looks of things, the Steelers have an easier schedule than they have had in the past. They will have some tougher games, but they don’t have the difficulty of being the division leaders.

The hardest part of the schedule is playing the Ravens twice. These are always tough games because they are division rivals and because both teams are good. The other challenge is that both teams are physical and that adds another element of difficulty for the Steelers.

The Steelers have three trap games and I know the philosophy is that every game is difficult in the NFL and it is but I don’t want the Steelers to look ahead during these three games.

Trap Game #1: Week Six hosting the Browns

We don’t usually consider the Browns to be the Steeler’s toughest rival, but they are a dangerous team. The Myles Garrett situation should indicate that there is bad blood between these teams.

I fear the Steelers looking ahead at this game because they will have to go to Baltimore the following Sunday and play the Ravens and Lamar Jackson. The Browns haven’t been as good in recent years as the Ravens.

This game is important because it is a division game and the Browns have improved their team. They added a key piece, Jedrick Wills Jr., to their offensive line. He was their first-round pick and will be their left tackle. The Browns also added Jack Conklin, who can play right tackle for them. This tightens up the bookends for the Browns.

Baker Mayfield will also be in his third season. This will be his time to shine with an upgraded offensive line and weapons like Odell Beckham Jr. and Nick Chubb.

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