Which Steelers game are most likely to be televised in 2020?

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The National Football League schedule is out. Here are the Steelers games that are most likely to make it to primetime television.

It’s overrated in that we knew what teams the Steelers, or any team in the NFL, would play. Scheduling is done by formula (more on that in a future piece) and so not only knew all the opponents for this season the day after the 2019 regular season ended, we knew 14 of the 16 teams every team would play years in advance.

But it’s the order in which they’ll play that is underrated.

Because if you’re a season ticket holder, you want to know if you’re going to be sitting in the September sun while getting updates of the Pirates game on your iPhone or bundled up for a frigid December night game you’ll be lucky to get anyone to accompany you with.

But if you’re not fortunate enough to have tickets, or to live in Western Pennsylvania (or close proximity of), then your interest in the schedule is in whether or not you’ll be able to see the Steelers play in the comfort of your own home as the featured game of the week.

Because if the game isn’t the primary game in its time slot, it’s shell out for Sunday Ticket, go to the local sports bar that shows NFL games and generally have to try and follow the game without any sound on to inform you of what’s going on, or perhaps try to get a link on Reddit or some horrible realm of the dark web where you can try to watch the game online and get booted off every series of downs or so.

So, if you are a Steelers fan who lives outside of Pittsburgh and hopes to see your favorite team as many times as you possibly can in your living room before resorting to the desperate measures listed above to watch them, here are the games you’ll likely see, and the ones you won’t, ranked appropriately.

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