In Memoriam: To the Steelers we lost 2019-2020

The Pittsburgh Steelers have lost some important contributors to the lineup over the past couple months, here are their “in memoriams” as their Steeler careers ended.

B.J. Finney

We will never forget your potential and expectations of becoming a starter. We will not forget the times you would shuffle around the revolving injuries across the offensive line. Most importantly we will not forget your excitement after you signed with the Steelers (your favorite team growing up) as an undrafted free agent coming out of college. Good luck in Seattle, In memoriam.

Artie Burns

Artie what can we say except you were a really good character guy, you just were absolutely terrible at his job. Artie got burnt seemed to be a common phrase. We will never forget seeing the back of your jersey as you chased an opponent that just beat you one on one or when you were over-drafted in 2016. Good luck in Chicago, in memoriam.

Sean Davis

Steeler fans will never forget the way you hit the opposing team’s play-makers after the made the catch. Your ability to allow opponents to make plays and try to make them pay for it was outstanding. We will never forget when you and Artie walked around during practices following Carnell Lake and learned nothing. Good luck in Washington, in memoriam.

Javon “J-Wobble” Hargrave

Steeler fans will never forget your amazing ability that was finally shown to the league after unfortunate circumstances due to injury. Your ability to absolutely dominate the trenches was a sight to behold. We will also never forget the wobble you did in between plays as you wobbled off to the sidelines. You got the money, now go and enjoy it. Good luck in Philadelphia, in memoriam.

Nick Vennett

We did not like you either. We lost a solid fifth-rounder for you, I guess thanks for that one catch on Monday Night Football. Good luck elsewhere, in memoriam.

Tyler Matakevich

Dirty Red, Steeler fans will never forget your great plays on special teams. They will also never forget feeling extremely nervous when you played meaningful defensive snaps. Keep destroying players on special teams and we will never forget you. Good luck in Buffalo, in memoriam.

Ramon Foster

Saved the most important for last, but we will miss you big guy. Your leadership and absolute iron man mentality with barely ever missing games. You were an amazing player and an even better person. We will never forget you slapping Pouncey to give the signal for snapping the ball. Enjoy retirement and a future career in something that we all know you will excel at.

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Each year the Steelers lose players due to free agency, trades, or retirement and this season was no different. New additions have been brought in and hopefully that makes this team better than the one that just left. Until next year, Here we go Pittsburgh.

In memoriam.

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