Steelers who are entering their final year with the team

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While the Steelers are preparing for a hopeful Super Bowl run, some players are prepping for what may be their final year with the team

Roster turnover is a natural process for every NFL team. Overpaid players are released, talent leaves through free agency, and draft picks are added to replace veterans. The Steelers are no exception to this, but they usually do a good job of retaining their talent.

The Steelers only real loss this offseason was Javon Hargrave who went east to the Eagles on a sizable deal. That lack of turnover typically keeps rosters stable since players get used to playing with the same players. That lack of turnover with the Steelers will seemingly come to an end next year, as a plethora of players are set to see their contacts expire.

While some of those players will be retained and resigned, it will be impossible to keep all of them. The Steelers are slated to have five starters be free agents next year, and with the cap situation already looking dim (Ben Roethlisberger’s massive cap hit mixed in with the lack of cap growth due to the pandemic) the Steelers will see quite a few replacements next year.

Below are the most likely Steelers entering their final year with the team. They are likely to leave for a myriad of reasons ranging from their value being too high to the fact that they already have their replacement on the roster. Hope shouldn’t be lost though, as the Steelers have a history of replacing their departed team members. Be ready though, as these players are likely in their final season with the Steelers.

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