From zero to hero: Steelers best camp bodies of the 2010s

Antwon Blake Pittsburg Steelers (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Antwon Blake Pittsburg Steelers (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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Camp bodies are easy players to root for, and in the Steelers case, the 2010s have delivered a plethora of talented players.

At the beginning of every NFL year, the Steelers have 90 players (at least since 2012 when the rosters increased) who are attempting to impress the team and stick around for the season. While most of those names become unfortunate offseason fodder, a few shine, earning praise from the team, the media, and the fans. As the ultimate underdogs, these players become camp fables – the players no other team wanted finally staking a claim to an NFL roster.

Even then, the road to making the team is difficult. In a typical Steelers camp, only 5-10 roster spots are truly open, meaning these players have incredibly long odds to secure a job. By showing up and popping during practice though, these players beat their odds and find a way to make it with the Steelers.

These players are typically called camp bodies (as are most of the 90-man roster), since more than likely their only time on the team will be during training camp. That said, these players are still talented, as evidenced by the fact that they have even made it to this level of play. This uphill battle they face makes them easy players to root for every year.

A caveat before continuing: A camp body is being defined as a player the Steelers had no investment in. This means they either had to be a UDFA or a discarded draft pick from another franchise that was brought in. Both of those points emphasize what a camp body is. Thus, a player like Kelvin Beachum isn’t included due to the team investing a draft pick in him (albeit a 7th round selection). All of that considered, here are the Steelers best camp bodies of the 2010s: