Top 5 most underrated players in Steelers franchise history

Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images)
Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images) /
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The Steelers spent a 10th round pick on Defensive End from a small school who became a legend

In the 1969 draft, the Steelers selected a DE from Arkansas AM&N, which was renamed to Arkansas-Pine Bluff, in the 10th round. L.C. Greenwood, the aforementioned DE, would become a Steeler legend.  Known for his yellow high-top cleats, Greenwood was as dominant of a defensive player as any other member of the famed ‘Steel Curtain’.

In Greenwood’s 13 seasons with the Steelers, he was voted to the Pro Bowl 6 times, was named All-Pro 2 times, and was a 4-time Super Bowl champ. Not too shabby for a 10th round draft pick from a small school that was not exactly a college football powerhouse.

If you did not have the privilege of watching the ‘Steel Curtain’ play, they were a sight to behold. Each defensive lineman was individually a standout; collectively, they were a menace to opposing offenses.  I think Steelers fans who are about my age understand and appreciate what a great player Greenwood was, but what about the younger generation, and what about non-Steelers fans?

Unfortunately, sack records were not kept back when Greenwood was playing, but I would venture to say that he and some other defensive linemen on those Super Bowl teams of the 1970s mustered close to 100 sacks over their careers.  How Greenwood is not in the Hall of Fame is beyond me.  He was that good; he should be the next Steelers player elected, in my opinion.