3 Steelers undrafted free agents to watch in 2020

Trajan Bandy #2 - Miami Hurricanes (Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images)
Trajan Bandy #2 - Miami Hurricanes (Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images) /
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Calvin Taylor Jr. #91 – Kentucky Wildcats (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

DT Calvin Taylor

Calvin Taylor is the most interesting of the three. For starters, he’s 6’9, 310 lbs, and for clarity, the tallest defensive tackle that currently reigns in the NFL is Indianapolis Colts, DeForest Buckner. The former AAU basketball player in high school and then All-SEC at the University of Kentucky in 2019, his marks for versatility also comes in his early days as a Wildcat as a defensive end.

Standing out on the field, Taylor was also a standout for this Kentucky defense, leading them in sacks (8.5), forced fumbles (4), and tying second in TFL (9.5).

He plays with a decent pad level, considerably for his height, and has the balance to maintain himself inside, but the worry exists there as well for his hips & leverage against OL being that tall.

Taylor isn’t the most aggressive or finesse player someone would find along the LOS, but it’s challenging to push him from spot & moves around decently. He’s real strong, enabling him to take on double teams & work through them, but could use some more power behind his punches. He keeps his eyes where the ball is & uses his length to his advantage by continuing the distance from locking with offensive linemen.

His hands are going to be faster than his feet, hoping he can gain a notch or two for his quickness and explosiveness.

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Another one of those players that will come in and compete for a spot on a team with a top-heavy DL, Taylor was a riser to stardom for Kentucky fans, & his growth could very much well continue here in Pittsburgh.