The hidden reason Devlin Hodges will be important in 2020

Devlin Hodges Pittsburgh Steelers Taetsch/Getty Images)
Devlin Hodges Pittsburgh Steelers Taetsch/Getty Images) /
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Devlin Hodges Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /

The defense for Devlin Hodges

I know Devlin Hodges imploded towards the end of 2019, but I still think he has a place on this Steelers team. When he played well, he was a system quarterback who relied on the defense and didn’t make too many mistakes.

He did the job better than any Steelers rookie undrafted free agent quarterback I have ever seen. If he was a first-round pick or a third-round pick like Mason Rudolph, fans would give him more space to develop. Hodges is a confident kid who I think will bounce back.

The hidden reason he will be important in 2020

The Steelers will have Ben Roethlisberger to start the season. That is good news and it could make them a Super Bowl contender with the way their defense played in 2019.

I do think there will be a season in 2020 but scares of a second wave of the virus could put that on hold. If it hits the Steelers, it could hit many players at a time.

That means players low on the depth chart might be called on to play in games and it could be for three or four weeks at a time. If Roethlisberger and Mason Rudolph get sick, Devlin Hodges could be the guy in Pittsburgh.

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Although this will not be ideal, at least he will have starting experience in his rookie year. He could also rely on that defense and not turn the ball over a lot a win a few games that way. Let’s hope this doesn’t come to fruition, but Devlin Hodges could end up being more important than you think.