Steelers: Stealing one player from every division in the NFL

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The Steelers have one on the best track records in the NFL, but adding a player from every division would put them over the top.

While we have already covered who the Steelers would steal from their divisional rivals, looking bigger at the NFL, it would be interesting to see who they would snag from every NFL division. While adding three quality options from the AFC North would turn this team into a contender, adding one from ever division turns them into a juggernaut.

When compiling this list, a multitude of things were considered. First and foremost, the talent of the player was the most important aspect of the player. With such a rare opportunity to add all this talent, maximizing that by adding the best players at their position is a must.

As well, the player’s age is taken into account. While the best players in the league tend to be veterans, adding players that are well into their thirties is a recipe for regression. That doesn’t limit this list to rookies though, as a player who may be a little older can still play at a high level for years to come.

Finally, this is a fantasy situation, meaning I won’t factor in their current contract value since that would easily push the cap over the top. I will factor in how long they have on their current deal though since having player control is vital in constructing a successful long-term roster. Like age though, if a player’s talent outweighs his contract situation, it won’t affect him being chosen for this.

With all that said, here are the Steelers stolen players from every division in the NFL.

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