4 Bargain free agents the Steelers need to be targeting

Vance McDonald Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)
Vance McDonald Pittsburgh Steelers (Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images) /
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While the Steelers have a formidable roster set up, adding a few veterans to fill some holes could prove vital for a Super Bowl push

With the main components of the NFL offseason finished, talk has now turned to training camp and team functions as the Steelers prepare to begin the 2020 season. That said, with holes still on the roster, the Steelers would be wise to be looking for upgrades to their depth chart. Seeking out starters at this point is risky, as anyone left in free agency has been passed over by every team a few times now. That said, the Steelers can still find talented help.

While the Steelers roster is well built after the draft, there are still a few causes for concerns, specifically at depth along the defense. That said, the Steelers aren’t flush with cap space right now either. Given how close they are to the cap, any free agent they would try to bring in would either have to sign for the minimum or sign a cheap two-year deal to space out his cap hit. This is easily doable with the free agents still on the market though.

While none of these options should be expected to make the pro bowl this year, they could provide stability and talent to the depth chart. Having capable backups is important, and keeping them on the cheap is vital in building a sustainable roster. With all of this considered, here are the four best bargain free agents the Steelers need to target.