10 fastest Pittsburgh Steelers players of the 2000s

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have had some players who could move on a whole other level. Here are their four fastest players of the 2000s.

Every once and a while, a player comes along that leaves you jaw-dropped with their mind-blowing speed. Despite playing against the best of the best that the National Football League has to offer, there are a few players who possess the next-level speed that makes them look like All-Americans in a peewee football league. The Pittsburgh Steelers have had several of these players come through their doors.

Over the past two decades, we have had the pleasure of viewing players who can move on the field like very few ever could. Recently, I decided to dig back in time and locate the ten ‘fastest’ Steelers over the past twenty years.

For these rankings, I did not just go off straight-up timed speed, I also used the eye test in how they were able to dominate with their speed on the football field. In addition, I tried to stick to players who played a minimum of two seasons with the Steelers.

Already, I’m sure a number of names came to your head. Though there were dozens of viable candidates to choose from dating back to the early 2000s, I finally narrowed my list down to just ten players and ranked them according to which ones were the fastest on the football field during their time with the Steelers.

After careful consideration, here are my top ten fastest Pittsburgh Steelers players of the 2000s:

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