3 reasons for optimism heading into the Steelers 2020 season

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The Steelers have cause to be optimistic as the 2020 season approaches

As the Steelers embark on another NFL season, there are reasons to be optimistic about how things will unfold.  Conversely, there are reasons to be pessimistic about how the season will unfold, but for purposes of this discussion, we will concentrate on three reasons for optimism.

Obviously, there exist more than three reasons to be optimistic; however, I like to keep things simple in terms of laying out an argument as to why the Steelers and we, the fans, should be looking forward to the 2020 season.

Fortunately for us, these are not the days of yesteryear where about the only optimism that existed was hoping that we would at least finish with an 8-8 record.  For at least the past 13 seasons, the Steelers have never had a losing record.

Yes, we have finished 8-8 at times, most recently in 2019, but I think it’s fair to say that this iteration of the Steelers offers the organization and the fans reasons to be hopeful that any season will end with us hoisting another Lombardi trophy.

While there is probably never one element that makes or breaks a season, there can be several elements that, if they congeal, will define a season.  For example, last season, an injury to our franchise QB essentially derailed what, I believe, had the potential to become a season in which we would vie for another Super Bowl title.

Regardless of how the 2020 season plays out, there are three reasons for the Steelers to be optimistic.  Let’s take a look at those reasons.

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