Steelers biggest draft reliefs over the past ten years

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The Steelers have done a great job of drafting recently, but some of those decisions were by chance, and have left the Steelers relieved

After recently posting about the Steelers biggest draft regrets of the past ten years, I thought it was time to do a reversal and look at some of the biggest draft reliefs over those ten years. This isn’t the best players selected over the past ten years, but instead, the draft scenarios that the team is now relieved unfolded how they did.

This could be for a multitude of reasons. The Steelers may have drafted a player rated lower on most draft rankings but end up having the better career over the higher-ranked prospect. Or, perhaps, teams before the Steelers opted for certain players that allowed for a prospect to fall to them. No matter what though, these scenarios unfolded and allowed for the team to land a superior prospect.

To say the Steelers have had their share of hits over the past few years is an understatement, but many of those hits happened only due to circumstance. Had the Steelers opted to take a higher-ranked prospect or had a different team targeted a different prospect instead, they may have found more of these prospects on their draft regrets list.

Important to note before this list is made, Ryan Shazier has not been included. Leading up to the 2014 draft, there was some major Steelers hype on C.J. Mosely. They opted for Shazier, who seemed to be on track to be a better pro early in his career before his unfortunate injury. Thus, he is excluded as his injury leaves his status over Mosely as incomplete.

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