Steelers Debate: Why Hines Ward was better than Antonio Brown

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There has been a recent debate involving Hines Ward and Antonio Brown. Here’s why you could argue Ward was more important to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Once again, Antonio Brown recently claimed to retire on social media only to later say that he wants back in. Just like Brown can’t make up his mind on how to treat the NFL at any given moment, some fans are having a difficult time deciding who was the best between two Steelers legends.

Brown’s ‘retirement’ sparked debates and twitter polls on which receiver was best for the Pittsburgh Steelers: Hines Ward or Antonio Brown? If your gut is telling you it’s Brown by a landslide, allow me to make the waters murky for you again.

Recently, Still Curtain contributor Jordan Newman made his case for Antonio Brown as the better Steelers receiver. While I have no problem with that position, here’s my argument to be made for Hines Ward:

Hines Ward was all business, no show

Don’t let his permanent smile fool you. Unlike many of today’s NFL receivers, Hines Ward was never in it for the show. The same cannot be said for Antonio Brown – who has now far surpassed Terrell Owens (in my opinion) as the biggest drama queen of all-time at the wide receiver position.

Though there is no denying Brown’s talent and ability to win with superb route running and soft hands at each point on the field, it’s the nonsense that went on behind the scenes that made him a nightmare to deal with.

Ward, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about where the ball was going as long as he got to hit someone. In fact, the four-time Pro Bowl receiver was actually known for being a dirty football player thanks to his gritty crack-back blocks and violent demeanor on the field.

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